About Us

Dedicated linguists, committed to healthcare and patient wellbeing

Founded in 2004 by a team of bilingual teachers, philologists and translators, medicallink created a safe and affordable way for UK nationals in Murcia to manage and understand their healthcare and gain better access to the Spanish NHS.

Today, our role is to communicate, coordinate and explain your health needs or concerns to medical professionals so that decisions on medication, tests, treatment or surgery can be taken based on accurate and complete information.

Our services complement the Murcia Health Service (SMS) and private hospital groups in Cartagena and Murcia. Our approach is based on the benefits of mutuality and teamwork. The team is yourself, public healthcare professionals and medicallink. We endorse the SMS recommendation ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ and encourage regular check ups.

Support-line in English

The hub of all medicallink activity is our support-line. The support team ensure continuity, offer guidance and provide a contact-point to coordinate your medical appointments and arrange interpreting assistance when needed.

Our support-team can act on your behalf; speak directly with doctors and hospital departments, handle phone calls, admin-paperwork, explain instructions and how to manage certain procedures for yourself. Our support-team also provide telematic (over the phone) interpreting assistance for scheduled medical consultations and urgent concerns.

Going private

Referral appointments to see a Spanish NHS specialist doctor and waiting times for treatment or operations can be subject to delays so you may want to consider a private consultation.

medicallink collaborate with the leading private hospital groups. We have established our own network of the leading health service specialist doctors who also practice in the private sector. Many speak English and offer consultations, treatment and operations at preferential rates for our client-members.

Self-pay private healthcare in Murcia is far more affordable when compared to the UK and you do not need a GP referral. Our Specialist Directory includes information for practically all medical specialities, sub-specialities and diagnostic tests.