Terms and Conditions

1. Provision of Services

These terms and conditions apply to all products, services and brands medicallink, supplied by EMERGEN SPECIALISED INTERPRETING SOCIEDAD LIMITADA also known as and trading as EMERGENSI S.L. The provision of services is always in accordance with our description of services at time of assistance. All interventions will be carried out in a professional and confidential manner. Every effort will be made to provide assistance within a reasonable timescale but no liability can be held for failure to respond.

2. Responsibilities of client-members

The client-member acknowledges that the value of services provided is dependent upon their full and timely co-operation as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information provided for translation or interpretation. We cannot accept flagrant abuse of services or verbal abuse of our staff or co-workers. Hence, we reserve the right to withdraw our service compromise especially if we are subject to abuse or incidents concerning personal safety.

3. Confidentiality

Each party shall protect against unauthorised disclosure of the information of the other party by using the same degree of care as it takes to preserve and protect its own confidential information of a similar nature. Neither party shall be required to treat as confidential any information, which is already in its possession, becomes publicly available or is lawfully obtained from third parties without restriction of disclosure.

We take the privacy of all our client-members very seriously and take all reasonable precautions to protect critical information. All client-member’s details are stored in compliance with current Spanish Data Protection law. Without your prior agreement, we will not retain information once a subscription agreement has been cancelled.

4. Liability

Emergensi SL shall not be liable for failure to fulfil our service obligations or assignments as a result of the non-cooperation of public servants nor for any loss, damage, claim or expense greater than the value of the subscription agreement.

5. Payments

Subscription agreements are payable monthly by direct debit. The payer is liable for any costs incurred for returned direct debit transactions. Any adjustment to your monthly subscription fee, fixed rates for interpreting assistance, language classes or specialised service costs will be notified at least 30 days in advance unless the variation is equal to or less than 5% per annum.

6. Cancellations

Unless justified, the cancellation of the initial agreement before term may carry an administration fee. However, no such fee is due if the client-member terminates the service for reasons of our defaulting on our obligations. After 12 months, notification for cancellations must be received at least 15 days in advance. Cancellations or option changes after 12 months carry no administration fee.

7. Force Majeure

Emergensí S.L is not liable for delays or failure in performance of any part of this agreement to the extent that such delay or failure is caused by transportation, fire, flood, explosion, accident, war, strike, embargo, governmental requirement, civil or military authority, Act of God, civil unrest, inability to secure labour or any other causes beyond our reasonable control or beyond the control of that of our servants or agents. Any such delay or failure may affect our service operations and logistics until the Force Majeure ceases.

8. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions constitute the entire understanding between the client-member and Emergensi S.L. relating to services performed and supersede all prior representations, proposals or communications whether written or oral. Any dispute arising in connection with this agreement shall be in all respects governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain and the courts of the City of Murcia shall have jurisdiction.

These Terms and Conditions are current as of the 1st May 2020. Should you have any queries or comments regarding content please contact us at info@medicallink.es